The World Of Humidors

Did you know that Major Leagure Baseball uses humidors in certain parks to keep the baseballs at a certain humidity level? Apparently leather and tobacco have something in common.

When you start bringing cigars home you are going to need a way to keep them humid and secured. They can be delicate you know.

There are many ways to keep them at the right humidity and by far the best is what they like to call the Tupperdore. Why?

With a tupperdore there is no seasoning involved. With the right lid you will almost never have to change your humidity device or at the very least, not very often.

Plus they are easily stackable which helps when you are storing a lot of cigars.

They say if you are into aging your own cigars then you will want to go with the traditional cedar box because it helps meld the flavors better.

On our next post we will discuss the various humidification tools you can use to keep your cigars at the right temp and RH level.

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