A New Partner

We are thrilled to announce a new partner to the Humidor Cigar Club. A Cigar Blog called Fermented Leaves.

This cigar blog does something a little different than others where they do not cover cigar news or reviews but rather the philosophy of cigars. When you really look around you find very little content in this area so we think this is a great idea from the creator of Fermented Leaves.

They will feature, probably the only website to do so, Cigar Interviews of regular every day smokers. This will highlight things such as why they smoke cigars and what does it mean to them. We will look forward to each weekly interview.

Next we will get to hear stories read to us while we smoke our own cigars. It is a unique concept entirely. The creator will light up his cigar and then read from selected essays and stories aloud to you on Youtube. What a cool idea! If you like to sit back and hear something peaceful and maybe even laugh then you will enjoy this.

Fermented Leaves will also have daily blogging showing the author’s views on certain subjects in the cigar community. What they hope to do is spark a new outlook into the world of cigars.

There are areas to explore that have become stagnant and we look forward and support this endeavor!

If you also like cigar apparel or ashtrays you will also find them there with their own artistic design. Be sure to check them out!

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